Clark County Agricultural Society

The Clark County Agricultural Society is a nonprofit quasi-state agency which is governed, but not funded by, the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The mission of the Society is to operate the Fair and manage the grounds to provide the youth of Clark County with the opportunity to grow in knowledge and develop character through participation in the Fair.

The 15 member Board of Directors, commonly referred to as the Fair Board, are elected from the general membership of the Society. Any voting age resident of Clark County may be a member by paying the membership fee of $30.00.

4-H has a major role in the youth activities of the Fair but is not the only organization involved. Other youth groups include FFA, Future Homemakers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls and Farm Bureau Youth. The Board sponsors activities that include the Clark County Fair Queen Contest, Junior Fair Board, Calf and Pig Scrambles and the Ag-Met Program, which is a joint effort with 4-H to bring city youth to the Fair to help broaden their knowledge of the agricultural community. Other clubs and groups that provide help and support include various professional associations, service clubs and special interest groups.

The operating budget of the Society comes from Fair revenues, non-fair rentals of the buildings and grounds, and the generous gifts, grants and corporate sponsorships from individuals and businesses in the community.

All of the organizations play a vital role in the Fair and without the time and efforts of these groups' volunteers and the Board, the Fair would not be the major event that it is. Clark County has one of the best county fairs in the State because of their efforts.

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2013 - 2014 Board of Directors (Fair Board)           

C= Chairman  VC= Vice Chairman

Jay Flax, President

Committee:  Grounds(C), Alpacas(VC), Camping(VC), Security & Parking(VC), Audit, Gates,  New Ideas

Brian Harbage, Vice President

Committee:  Outside Space(C), Concessions(C), Audit

   Carol Floyd, Sec.

Committee:  Arts & Crafts(C), Produce(C), Mercantile(VC), Entertainment(VC), Outside Space

Matt Harbage, Treasurer

Committee:   Entertainment

Bill Agle

Memeber at Large

Sales(C), Shuttle(C), Swine(C), Jr Fair Board(VC)
Melissa Anderson  Committee:  Rabbits & Poultry(C),  Jr Fair Board(C), Sales Committee(VC), 

Todd Bumgardner

Committee: Grandstand(C),  Beef(VC),  Scrambles(VC), Grounds

Tina ComptonTina Compton

Youth Bldg(C), Queen Contest(C), 4-H Committee(C), Quality Assurance(C), Entertainment

                                                           Justin Mattern

Committee:  Sheep(C), Dog(C), Security/Parking, Camping, Gates, Grandstand Events, Scrambles, Grounds

Linda WeberLinda Webber

Committee:  Mercantile(C),  Arts & Crafts(VC), Entertainment(C), Junior Fair Board, New Ideas(VC)

Jason Timmons

Committee: Dairy(C), Golf Carts(C)

Doug Tropp

Committee:  Gates(C), Beef(C), Scrambles(C), Audit, Security/Parking, Camping

Brian Waddle

Committee:  Security and Parking(C), Swine(VC), Dog(VC),   Grandstand Events(VC), Gates, Camping, Scrambles, Grounds

Tom Waddle

Committee:  Camping(C),  Grounds(VC), Golf Carts(VC), Security/Parking, Gates

Tom Wiegel

Committee:  Goats(C),  New Ideas(C), Shuttle(VC), Camping, Security/Parking, Grounds

Fred Hays

Committee:  4-H Horse(C), Alpacas(VC), Gates(VC), Goats(VC), Beef, Camping, Security and Parking

                         Allan Hess,  Executive Director

Ex Officio - Non voting member of the board and all committees

2013 Annual Report

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